How Rbia Shades Used POWR to Increase Engagement Over 200% and Double Their Contacts.

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About Rbia Shades

Rbia Shades’ mission is to provide a super cool pair of shades that you will absolutely love, while keeping it green and environmentally friendly. Their shades are handcrafted entirely out of sustainable wood & recycled materials, and they are unique thanks to the awesome diversity of wood grain.

With beautiful handcrafted masterpieces, from recycled skateboard deck frames to bamboo sunglasses that float on water, every pair of shades is unique and one of a kind! They also work really hard making sure they are lightweight & comfortable.

Rbia Shades has been using POWR apps for 8 months and has seen incredible business growth over the last year and a half in business, with 2 retail locations and a successful online store.

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+230% Contacts

Time Saved

+200% Engagement



We’ve seen our customers more engaged with our site after interacting with POWR apps. It is a suite of tools that is fully customizable and brings value to your site.

Uriel, Founder

The Challenge

A few months after launching their business at local fairs and craft shows, Rbia Shades was looking for a way to sell online. They needed to be able to show visitors the quality of their product, their lightweight and ergonomic designs, in a visually appealing way. Their platform did not provide an adequate solution for this. They tried a few different solutions before finding POWR Slider and none of them appeared as if they were a part of the site, and were clunky and hard to use.

The Solution

Multi Slider


POWR Slider was a visual way to quickly show their customers as they are entering the homepage how the products look in real life. It showcased their products well and seamlessly gave customers a great on-site experience.

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Instagram Feed Rbia Shades
Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed allowed them to show their latest posts easily and was a way to have quick access for people to go to Instagram and follow them. It was more noticeable on the site with the built-in features than other feeds they tried.



Popup is used to offer a discount when site visitors sign up for their newsletter. This has allowed them to collect a large number of contacts since it was implemented.

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The Results

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+230% Contacts

To date they’ve collected over 600 contacts, a 230% increase since adding POWR Popup.


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+200% Engagement

People who interact with POWR apps on their site spend an average of 200% more time on their site over other site visitors.


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They consistently see Instagram Feed driving follower growth every week and, combined with other efforts, they are now at almost 13K followers.

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